Scout in Complete Uniform

Shirt: A steel Grey shirt with two patch pockets with shoulder straps, with half or rolled up sleeves; sleeves may be turned down in cold weather.

Trousers: Navy blue trousers shall be worn.

Head- Dress: Dark blue beret cap with the official cap badge supplied by the National Association. A Sikh may wear a blue turban with the official cap badge. Head dress is compulsory during ceremonies.

Belt: Grey Nylex belt with official buckle of the Bharat Scouts & Guides supplied by the National Association.

Scarf: A Triangular scarf of the group colour other than yellow, green and purple and pattern approved by Local or District Association as the case may be, shall be worn round the neck over the collar and shoulder straps with the group Woggle, other than Gilwell Woggle. Each of the two sides of Scarf shall have a minimum length of 70cms. or a Maximum of 90cms.

Shoulder Badge : A shoulder Badge of 6 to 8 cms. Length and 1.5cms. width with white background and red border the serial number (optional,) name of the group/ District/ State in red letters shall be worn on both the shoulders immediately below the seam with a little curve.

Refer appropriate patch pockets given below accordingly. 
for scouts 1st image Right and Left pocket consist of only Membership Badge, World Scout  Badge The Name Stripe Badge. for small cubs small children's