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Each program feature includes four weekly troop meeting plans that can be used to plan activities in detail. Each program feature provides detailed information on four weekly meetings, a monthly highlight activity, advancement requirements that can be satisfied, and some good skills suggestions. Activities incorporating all basic and intermediate skills Scouts need for the monthly program are woven into each weekly meeting. Detailed use of program features will ensure regular advancement of Scouts and provide troop meetings that are fun and exciting, not dull and boring.

Format to write Troop Meeting Plan


Sample Toop meeting plan - Week -1

Preopening 5min -Gathering Horseshoe Formation
Opening Ceremony 10min -Hold Uniform Inspection and report
Flag Hoisting
Prayer and Flag Song
Skill instruction 35 min -Pravesh Scouts work on Promise/Law and Prayer Songs
Pratham/Dwithiya Sopan Scouts on Knots fro advancement
Trithiya and Above on Advance Skills
Older Scouts Assist younger scout on advancement
Inter Patrol Activity 30 min -Play Pull the tail game
Closing 10 min -Assemble in patrols
Scout Master's Minute
Flag Lowering and National Anthem
Troop Disperse
Total 90 minutes Complete

After the troop meeting - Patrol leaders’ council reviews the next meeting and plans.

Begin work on next scouts advancements and activities.

In similar manner record the Toop meeting plan in LogBook for 4 Weeks