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Understand the use and care of an axe: 

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Points to Choose good Axe:

  • You must be most particular to see that the head is well wedged.
  • See that the head is of good steel and is sound.
  • Its weight all told should not be more than a pound and a half.
  • See also that the handle, or haft, is of good strong wood

How to carry Axe:

    You can carry the axe in a pouch, but in any case you should have some kind of mask to cover the edge, or bit, of the blade. This is for safety’s sake, for you can get a very nasty cut if you knock up against the business side of an axe. Never leave an axe lying about with the edge unprotected; if you have not a mask handy, knock the bit into a piece of wood or a stick.

Using Axe:

When you are using an axe to chop up sticks, it is best to keep your other hand and both your feet well out of the way. When you are splitting sticks lengthwise you may have to bring your second hand into play to hold the stick up, but should do this as little as possible, and rather split such sticks when they are lying flat. One most important point is that the spot where you hit the stick should be resting on something solid, as otherwise the ends are apt to fly up and catch you a wallop in return.