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How do you Scout salute?

The Scout sign is given by raising the right hand in level with the shoulder, palm to the front with three fingers stretched together and the thumb closing on the little finger.

How to Salute when carrying staff?

All wearers of the Scout Badge salute each other once a day. The first to see the other Scout is the first to salute, irrespective of rank.

Scouts will always salute as a token of respect, at the hoisting of the Flag; at the playing of the National Anthem; to the uncased National Colours; to Scout Flags, when carried ceremonially; and to all funerals. 

On these occasions, if the Scouts are acting under orders, they obey the orders of the person in charge in regard to saluting or standing to the alert. If a Scout is not acting under orders he should salute independently. In all cases, leaders if covered should salute.

The hand salute is only used when a Scout is not carrying his staff, and is always made with the right hand. Saluting when carrying a staff is done by bringing the left arm smartly across the body in a horizontal position, the fingers showing the Scout Sign just touching the staff.

When in uniform a Scout salutes whether he is wearing a hat (Barrett cap) or not, with one exception, namely at religious services, when all Scouts must stand at the alert, instead of saluting.