4 hour purposeful outing with Patrol

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Undertake a 4 hour purposeful outing with his Patrol

patrol outing
Patrol Outing

A patrol outing can be a short hike to nearby places like temple, mosque, church, public place undergo a awareness drive walks or general cleaning service at the nearby places like park, playground, old age homes/ orphanages.

Discuss and plan the outing with your patrol members:
  1. Choose the Type of activity and venue.
  2. Discuss with Scout Master/Guide Captain regarding the activity chosen.
  3. Choose a convenient date for the outing.
  4. List out things required and preparation which needs to be done and note down the things.
  5. Take the necessary permissions required for the activity from the person concerned.
  6. Gather things required and do preparation for the activity.
  7. Under the SM leadership and guidance carryout the outing activity.
Prepare a report in the format given below and record in the Log Book

Outing Date:
Outing Location:
Outing Activity:

Name of the Patrol:
Patrol Leader:
Assistant Patrol Leader Name:

Patrol members name list and incharge
1. ____  in charge of Material
2. ____ in charge of Food
3. ____ in charge of Health
4. ____ in charge of Arrangements
5. ____ in charge of Communication
6. ____ in charge of Activities
7. ____ in charge of Photography

Brief explanation of outing carried out:


Scout Master/Guide Captain Name & Signature

Attach the color print of photos captured during the outing.

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