Investiture Ceremony

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Investiture Ceremony of a Scout/Guide

  • The Troop is formed in horseshoe formation, with Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster in the gap.
  • The recruit with his Patrol Leader stands just inside the circle, opposite to the Scoutmaster. 
  • The Assistant Scoutmaster holds the staff and hat of the recruit. When ordered to come forward by the Scoutmaster, the Patrol Leader brings the recruit to the center. 
  • The Scoutmaster then asks: “Do you know what your honor is?”
  • The recruit replies: “Yes. It means that I can be trusted to be truthful and honest” (or words to that effect).
  • Scout Master: “Do you know the Scout Law?”
  • Scout Master:  “Can I trust you, on your honor, to do your best to live up to the Scout Promise?”
  • Recruit then makes the Scout Sign, and so does the whole Troop while he gives the Scout Promise.
  • Scoutmaster: “I trust you, on your honor, to keep this Promise. You are now one of the great World Brotherhood of Scouts.”
  • The Assistant Scoutmaster then puts on him his hat and gives him his staff.
  • The Scoutmaster shakes hands with him with the left hand.
  • The new Scout faces about and salutes the Troop.
  • The Troop salutes.
  • The Scoutmaster gives the word, “To your Patrol, quick march”.
  • The Troop shoulders staves, and the new Scout and his Patrol Leader march back to their Patrol.
Note: Write a brief summary of how the Investiture Ceremony was carried out and mention if any guest/ resource person were invited in the log book.

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