Know necessary ingredients of a balanced diet.

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    In order to have positive health advantages one should have food that contains different kinds of food in required quantities and proportions so that the calories, proteins, vitamins and nutrients required for our body thought the day are fulfilled. A balanced diet is one which provides all the nutrients in required amounts and proper proportions.

Benefits of Balanced diet for Good Health

  • Healthy food increases energy level in the body and helps with body functions, improves the immunity system, prevents unwanted fats and weight gain.
  • A balanced diet helps to meet all the nutrients required for the body and prevents nutrient imbalance/ deficiencies in our body.
  • It is good to have seasonal vegetables and fruits, which prevent and treat certain diseases.
  • Maintaining a balanced diet helps to prevent the risk of developing certain diseases such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart related disease, and cancer.  

Guidelines for Healthy Balanced Diet

  • Do not skip the meal. Skipping meals lowers the metabolic rate, especially breakfast as it is the foremost vital of the day.
  • Eat more raw foods such as salads, fruits and vegetables.
  • Stop when you feel full. This helps to maintain body weight.
  • Drink plenty of water often during the daily day to day activities.
  • Remove all possible fats in the food before preparation.
  • Limit the consumption of alcohol, caffeine and refined sugar.

Ingredients of Balanced diet

For physical growth and overall development of our body, maintenance of normal body function, physical activity and health Nutritious food is required. Food we consume should provide all the nutrients in the required amount, the requirement varies with age, gender, physiological status and physical activity.

The nutrients required by our body have to be chosen from a combination of a variety of different food groups. Proteins, Carbohydrates and fats are macro nutrients which is required in large amounts. Whereas Vitamins and Minerals are micro nutrients which are required in small amounts. Nutrients play a very important role in the overall development of the body.

In order to acquire all the required nutrients, we must make a habit of a balanced diet. This can be achieved by cultivating the habit of taking food from four food groups. 

Conventional Food Group
  1. Cereals, millets and pulses
  2. Vegetables and fruits
  3. Milk and milk products, egg, meat and fish
  4. Oils & fats and nuts & oilseeds

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