Campfire Etiquette and Rules

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Campfire Etiquette

The Campfire Master of Ceremonies makes sure Scouts follow proper campfire etiquette including the following:
  • Prohibit flashlights from the circle.
  • No unwanted Clapping or Booing – that’s why we have ‘cheers/regulated scout claps’
  • No Talking – unless you’re involved in an activity, talking spoils the mood and detracts from whatever is going on.
  • Make a no-talking rule.
  • The campfire circle is sacred and always quiet before and after the fire.
  • If wood needs to be added to the fire during the campfire, only the Keeper of the Flame may do it.
  • Crowd control is easier if you insist on silence as the group enters the campfire ring. Make sure there is sufficient light so they can find their seats.
  • Discipline is important. Squelch any horseplay immediately. Encourage enthusiasm, but maintain control.
  • Get everyone involved in songs or stunts.
  • Recognition should be a part of every campfire program. Have a number of cheers planned; be prepared to explain and show them, then let the group cheer each group of performers.
  • Inspiration contributes to showmanship and is essential to a successful campfire.
  • Quiet as the embers die. Ask everyone to leave the campfire circle quietly.

Campfire Discipline

The Master of Ceremonies is the leader of the campfire program and needs to maintain control. Below are some guidelines:
  • Be tough but tactful when someone may be interrupting the campfire
  • Address problems immediately – Scouts can get out of hand easily & quickly
  • When friendly requests fail:
  • Follow patrol method
  • Ask Patrol Leader for assistance, if that fails
  • Ask Assistant Senior Patrol Leader or Senior Patrol Leader for assistance, if that fails
  • Ask Assistant Scout Master or Scout Master for assistance

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