Campfire Preparation

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Campfire Preparation

Before a formal campfire, discuss the rules of good campfire etiquette:
Encourage members to wear their campfire blankets if they have them.

Building a Campfire

 You can use several types of fire styles for a campfire:

Fire Clean Up (After Campfire)

“Leave no trace” rule for building a campfire in a new site:

How to make the campfire program effective and impressive?

The campfire program should have a definite, planned structure. It should happen similarly to how a fire burns – starting small, building to a bright excitement, and then tapering off to glowing embers. Moreover, the best campfires are well planned, yet look spontaneous. They are planned and rehearsed in advance of the campfire program. There are typically three parts to a typical campfire. They are:
Part 1: Opening – The opening includes parading to the formal circle, introductions, the fire lighting, and a short, upbeat opening verse that sets the mood and guidelines for the fire and welcomes people to the magic of the experience
Part 2: Campfire Program –The Campfire Program is the main portion containing skits songs, stories, stuns, or games
Part 3: Closing – The closing of the camp fire is even more important than the opening. A solemn, quiet, impressive closing is an excellent preparation for a quiet, orderly end to the program.

Get the Feedback

Ask the participants both the scouts and the scoutmasters to give a feedback on the quantity and quality of programs and the way by which the whole campfire program was conducted. This true feedback ( oral or written) has guided me on the reshaping and redesigning the campfire in the forthcoming days.

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