Campfire Roles and responsibilities

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Campfire Roles and responsibilities

  1. The Program Patrol responsible for a specific campfire’s planning form
  2. All Patrol Leaders or assigned patrol member determine (in advance) what skit, riddle, and mystery the Patrol will perform and report to the Program Patrol.
  3. The Patrol Leader or assigned patrol member is responsible for scheduling and practicing the skit prior to the campfire program
  4. The Program Patrol turns the Campfire Planner into the Senior Patrol Leader for approval the week prior to the campout.
  5. In a campfire planning meeting, fill in the top of the “Campfire Program” sheet (over)
  6. On the “Campfire Program Planner”, list all units and individuals who will participate in the program
  7. From each get and write down the name, description, and type of song, stunt, or story they have planned.
  8. The master-of-the-campfire organizes songs, stunts, and stories in a good sequence, considering timing, variety, smoothness, and showmanship.
  9. M.C. makes out the campfire program sheet.
  10. Copies of the program are given to all participants.
    Campfire is the best part of any camping a scout attends. It is the time for the scouts to relax and refresh. It is the time for the scouts to bring out their latent talents. Likewise, it is the time for the scouts to get rid of their stage fear and grow their team spirit and co-operation along with their leadership traits.

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