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Planning a Successful Event Campfire

Planning Process
Ideally, the patrol responsible for the Campfire Program (the Program Patrol) and Master of Ceremonies for the campfire program are assigned at the monthly PLC meeting along with the already established monthly educational themes. The Master of Ceremonies and Program Patrol works with all Patrol Leaders in the troop to create a successful campfire.

The Program Patrol and Master of Ceremonies should follow several common-sense rules:
  • Complete the Campfire Planner
  • Preview new or unfamiliar skits
  • Reserve the right to edit or veto Patrol skits, within reason of course.
  • No inappropriate language or ethnic humor is allowed.
  • Be respectful and affirming of everyone.
  • Remind participants to bring whatever properties they need.
  • Remind everyone to speak loudly, so all can hear.

Guidelines for Planning Campfire Program
Some general guidelines for planning the campfire program are:
  1. Keep the program short
  2. 40 to 50 minutes being about right for Scouts and Guides
  3. Skits are usually never longer than 3 to 5 minutes, and are ideally somewhere around 90 seconds.
  4. Get skits in place quickly; otherwise all the momentum gained in the evening is disrupted.
  5. Avoid ad-hoc or unplanned skits from Patrols, because they usually aren’t funny, are too long and don’t make any sense, not to mention the Scouts forget what they’re supposed to say and do
  6. Rehearse the skit beforehand. It will increase the Scout's confidence and can help to avoid whispering, fumbling, amnesia, arguing about who says what, and all sorts of problems.
  7. Campfire Material must pass Appropriateness Test
  8. Consistent with Scout Law
  9. friendly, courteous, kind
  10. Song, Stunts, Skits, and Cheers should not embarrass or demean any person or group.
  11. Areas to stay away from: performing in inappropriate dress, Inside jokes, Cross-gender impersonation, Use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, Water
  12. Watch out for using or modifying skits that touch on sensitive topics
  13. Skits that are based on Ethnic or handicapped targets are not acceptable

The Campfire Program Planner

Be sure that every feature of this campfire program upholds Scouting’s highest traditions.

Kind of programs to include in the Campfire

Spinning the yarn
Individual items
Group Song
Group Dance
Solo Song
Solo Dance
Dumb Charade
Kitchen Music
Yells by the scoutmasters
Program by the chief guest