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Preserving the Food (Store)

Any food we prepare there is a time period within which the food has to be consumed. Any food which is not consumed at a stipulated time, the food taste will not remain the same.

Serve Hot foods Hot

Food which is prepared and ready to serve should be kept at a minimum low flame to prevent bacteria. Any food which is left cold will become poisonous due to bacteria. If the food is kept hot the bacteria gets killed and food will be safe to serve and eat.

Serve Cold foods Cold
Any food which is to be consumed cold should be kept below 4°C. Any food below 4°C harmful bacteria will grow and multiply. Also, the taste of cold foods will be better when served at 4°C or less.

Do not hold food for more than two hours, the maximum time for leaving prepared food at room temperature is 2hrs. If you're not ready to eat any prepared food immediately keep the food hot on stove/oven closing the lid/ covering the food with aluminum foil to keep the food from drying out. Don't keep the food prepared longer than 2 hours before serving, plan accordingly and prepare the food in time when it's time to serve.

Any cooked food is required to be preserved to serve later should be divided into small portions and place it in a container, and refrigerate or freeze.

Serving the food

Keep the prepared hot foods warmer using a slow cooker and warming trays to keep the food fresh and tasty.
Use lid covered utensils and adequate spoon required for serving the food.
Provide plates, dips and spoons required to serve the food and place the food neatly on the plates. 
Most importantly serve food as required, do not serve more at time. Do not waste food.