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World Guide Flag

    Miss Kari Aas designed the World Trefoil emblem that was adopted at the World Conference in 1930, a gold trefoil on a blue background. The three leaves represent the three duties and the three parts of the promise, the two five point-stars stand for the promise and the law and the vein in the center represents the compass needle showing the right way. The base of the trefoil stands for the flame of the love of humanity and the colors blue and gold represent the sun shining over all children in the world.

    The World Badge, incorporating the trefoil, was first adopted at the 11th World Conference in Evian, France in 1946. The World Association Badge, similar in design to the World Badge, was first adopted at the 7th World Conference in Bucze, near Górki Wielkie in Poland, in 1932. It is worn by members of the World Board, its Committees, World Bureau and World Centre staff, Rangers and Guides