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Duties of Scout/Guide at home. 

Below are the duties and responsibilities a Scout/ Guide should earn and make habit of learning and doing the below thing by yourself.

Organizing the things:

This is first and foremost duty to organize the things you use like Books & Stationary, Study Table, and playing things like cycle, bat and ball, board games etc.

Tidy up Your Room: 

Learn to make up your bed. put the used clothes into the washing bin. Clean out the trash, learn the importance of throwing garbage in trash can.

Take care of Pets: 

If you have a pet at home, Everday learn to feed the pet, daily exercise, cage cleaning, claw clipping doing everything by yourself will be little difficult you can take help of your patents.

Money responsibly: 

Don't spend money on unwanted things and junk food. Do not demand any toys/ games. If you really wish to buy something save from the pocket money and approach parents to get the game/toy from your saving. 

Take part in House Maintenance: 

Identify the work/things you can do at home and make a habit of sharing the work
Some of the work which you can start doing is:
  1. Getting everyday milk and a newspaper every day.
  2. Helping yourself to get ready for school without depending on parents.
  3. Help in purchasing vegetables/fruits, medicine and groceries required at home.
  4. Help Mom prepare food, severing the food and cleaning the stuff after the meal.
  5. Watering the plants, helping to clean the house and throwing away the garbage etc.
Similarly identify the work which you can do at home and start doing the things.

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