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 Requirement: “Be able to make your bed.”

As a duty and responsibility to look after ourselves, we should be able to make our own bed every day.

Step 1: Clear the Clutter

Usually we make use of our bed space for other activities such as playing games, watching movie, Studying, reading novels etc. Before making up the bed, clear the area around the bed, set the things where it belongs to. Keep the books in shelf, set toys and games to playing corner, clean the dust and other stuff around the bed.

Step 2: Making the mattress

Spread the under bed skirt / sheet to cover the cot sides, place the mattress on the cot and stretch the matters and make it flat. Cover the mattress with waterproof sheet if required to protect the bed from water spills and bed-wetting.

Step 3: Bedspread 

Spread the bedspread on the mattress, so it lies smooth against the mattress. Tuck the edges and corners all the way under the mattress so that they don't come out.

Step 4: Place the blanket

Spread the blanket over the bed so that the bottom and sides are aligned with the sheet. Line up the bottom and side of the blanket and tuck it under the bed.

Step 5: Set the pillows 

Set 1 or 2 pillows right as required to place your head comfortably. Set pillow height as low as possible, which helps to keep the backbone straight.

Step 6: It's time to sleep Good Night

It's not just making up the bed, still few things are yet to be set before falling asleep. Keep a mug of water to drink in case you have a habit of waking up in between to drink water. Set the alarm to wake up in the morning. Make sure you have turned off all unwanted appliances such has TV, Radio, Computer. Turn on the bed lamp and fan (cooler) if required. Walk to the bed and pray god and thank everyone those who made your day, lay flat on the bed and close your eyes. Don't forget to cover yourself with a blanket and keep yourself warm.


  • Avoid drinking too much water in the night.
  • Don't sleep watching TV and letting the TV on the entire night. Turn off the TV when it's time to sleep.
  • Do not use mobile phone, tabs or any electronic gadgets at nights which disturbs your sleep.