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One of the important skill Scout and Guide should know is How to Cook Food outdoors. It helps the Scout/Guide to be more independent to cook food themselves when required or prepare food for someone. Best part is cooking the food outdoors in the nature and enjoy the tasty food prepared.

Scouts and Guides Cooking in Open fire

In this guide, we will explain step by step how to do this activity.

First, make a safe place to cook. Depending on where you are, you can use different methods like a Maghan Chulah, trench fire, altar fire, or even a gas stove or primus stove in the city. Make sure it's safe and follows the rules.

1. Fire Safety:

Always be safe. Remove anything that can catch fire and have water or a fire extinguisher nearby.

2. Making the Fire:

If you're using traditional methods, learn how to safely start a fire. Practice until you can do it well.

Planning Your Menu

Now, let's talk about what you'll cook. Your challenge is to make five local dishes and two drinks, as told by the examiner. Here are some tips:

Different Food: Choose a menu with different kinds of dishes. Some need grilling, boiling, frying, or baking.

Local Food: Use local ingredients. It makes your food taste special and shows where you are.

No Utensils: Try to make two dishes without using pots or pans. You might use leaves or sticks for cooking.

Writing Down Your Experience

While cooking, you should write down what happens:

Photos: Take pictures of everything, from starting the fire to the finished dishes. These pictures prove you did it.

Notes: Write short notes about how you felt making each dish. Tell about any problems and how you fixed them.

Feedback: After you cook, ask people (Examiner) to taste your food and tell you what they think. Write down what they say, even if it's good or bad.
Examiner can be anybody – Your Family members, Friends, Neighbors, Teachers/Mentors.

Learning to cook outdoors is important. It makes camping better, and it helps you be more self-reliant. By following these steps and practicing, you'll impress the examiner and become a better Scout or Guide. So, go out, make your cooking spot, and enjoy making yummy food outside!