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Scout Log Book

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1. (i) Have brief information of the origin of Scouting along with definition, purpose principles and method of the Bharat Scouts and Guides.

    a. History and origin of Scouting.    b. πŸ‘‰Defination, purpose principles and method of the Bharat Scouts and Guides.

1. (ii) A Scout Aspirant must have holistic knowledge of the movement.

8. πŸ‘‰Attend at least four Troop Meetings.

9. πŸ‘‰Undertake a 4 hour purposeful outing with his Patrol.

10. He then makes the Scout Promise to the Scout Master and is invested as a Scout. He is eligible to wear Scout uniform and Membership Badge.

        * πŸ‘‰Investiture Ceremony.

Tests for Pratham Sopan


πŸ‘‰a) Be able to correctly tell “your duties at home”.

πŸ‘‰b) Be able to make your bed.

πŸ‘‰c) Know the health rules regarding personal cleanliness.

d) Learn B.P. Six exercises and practice Yoga/ Asana /Surya Namashkar.

πŸ‘‰Learn BP Six Exercises

e) Stitch a button.
f) Clean / Polish canvas/ leather shoes.
g) Make a personal First Aid kit and know its contents.


a) Learn about your Patrol, its Flag, Yell, Song, Cry, Patrol Corner, Patrol Call and participate
in Patrol in Council
b) Learn & practice Hand & Whistle Signals.
c) Foot Drill: Savdhan, Vishram, Aramse,
Dahiney, Bayen & Pichey Mud.
d) Participate in a Troop & Patrol game.